Doug Moseley - Artist Blacksmith


Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia’s Capital of the Arts; it was the exposure to visual arts that inspired Doug to pursue a career in steel art.

Completed formal training at Panorama Technical Collage in his chosen field of blacksmithing.

Relocated to Port Macquarie where he operated Moseley’s Forge in the heritage village, Timbertown, Wauchope.

With the support of a small group of local enthuists, Doug was instrumental in the formation of the New South Wales Artist Blacksmith Association. The association was formed in 1993 and still operates with a strong group of active members.


Australian Demonstrator in Seattle at the North America Blacksmiths Association Conference 2006

Selection of Rooby Roo, Doug’s interpretation of an Australian icon, to form part of an international project that was held in conjunction with Seattle Conference.

Doug’s work has been widely exhibited and commissioned throughout Australia both publicly and privately

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