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The direction one takes in life is influenced at an early age. My father was an excellent craftsman who worked in timber creating houses, boats, furniture and toys. All these pieces were created in the 50s for a society that wanted a long lasting product, well built, with skill and love, some of these articles still exist today. A wooden toy Pluto (dog) articulated and on wheels sits before me on the floor. Made by my father, for me some 60 years ago a testimony to the skill of a craftsman.

In his workshop there were always tools for my use, and guidance in the manner in which to use them to their best advantage. I was allowed to make whatever my imagination could dream up.

That early beginning took me on a journey through school at woodwork and metalwork classes (the forges were being removed and electric welders brought in).  On to trade school, and a 5 year apprenticeship as an electrical fitter mechanic.  Not stopping there I was trained in electronics and communication and then into the modern era of computers.

Realising my grounding was, one of creating with my hands I found myself absorbed in the sounds and smell of the blacksmiths environment. The chances of finding work as a smith in Australia was becoming harder, modern methods were taking over.  Individual smiths that I found were glad to help with some work experience and information. To get started the only way was to take it on for you self, find equipment, books and just get hammering. My first smithy was under the house. It was poorly equipped but got me started. After 2 more moves and still home forges I finally had what I was striving for. The Blacksmith Lodge, a fully equipped workshop, spring and pneumatic hammers anvils forges even an apprentice. This was at the rear of large show room fronting a main road where the public and clients could see our range of products.  Now i have down sized and moved into the back yard workshop again, I also have a portable forge for demonstrating and teaching from.

Now days things have improved with clubs and literature more readily out there giving help to those who wish to begin smithing.

After 37 years of producing iron work my passion has not waned for public demonstrating. Lifting the profile and knowledge about smithing is still my major passion.

To create a piece of forged  work no matter how big out of the strong medium of steel with the heat of the forge and  ancient  tools of the smith will always give me satisfaction.

Douglas Robert Moseley

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