Doug Moseley - Artist Blacksmith

Blacksmithing Training

Demonstrator Teacher

After years of demonstrating it gives me pleasure to attend  functions  and captivate an audience with the sight of fire and the sounds of the hammer on anvil as I work at my mobile Blacksmith Forge. With my setup I have the equipment to show a crowd how a blacksmith handles the red hot metal and manipulate it to form numerous shapes. In all my years of Blacksmithing I thoroughly enjoy passing on my knowledge to interested people. In doing so they will learn about the art of blacksmithing and the profile will be raised.


Per day - $250 Plus travel and accommodation


In house 1 on 1 training.

Utilising all my equipment, which includes traditional coke fuelled forge and a modern gas forge we can build your knowledge. With individual tuition you can target main areas that you wish to work on. This could be traditional forms and processes, joinery, forge welding, laminated steel, knife making (forging) or even power hammer usage.

$225 - one day | $450 - two days

At your Location

Having an equipped mobile forging station I can come to you to instruct or demonstrate.

1 on 1 Rates - $ 450/2Days - Plus travel and accommodation

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